26 May 2009


Hi Quilting Bloggers,

May has flown by as I continue to work on Block One from the book, When the Cold Wind Blows by Alma Allen and Barb Adams. I am almost done with the first block, here are some pics... I am hand appliquing and am still 1 month behind (class is currently finishing up Block Two)...I only work on it at night while watching TV, so it is a slow go for me, but very relaxing. I have the right hand corner to finish and the Brown Vase and then I can move on to Block Two.

While taking a break last night, I took some pics of my Son, Mike and his girlfriend, Angie - they are tooo cute!! In the last picture I think Mike was gritting his teeth at my, so I got the message and left them alone and ofcourse, snuck one of Cooper... he likes his picture taken and just look at the size of that bone! Okay, I put my camera away (for now atleast!!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!Memorial Day Female Salute

Hugs, Mary

05 May 2009


Total is my baby's 16th Birthday!!! I can not believe she is actually 16 yrs old, old enough to drive now!!!!! Where has 16 yrs gone to? I can remember bringing her home from the hospital and being soooooo thrilled I had another healthy baby to show her big sister and big brother! It seems like only yesterday...

HAPPY SWEET 16!!! To one of the best daughters (yes, Kate you are the other one) a Mom could ever hope to have. Your bring sunshine to my life everyday and I Thank God for your smiling face and those big blue eyes!!! I
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Tennis AceWe're Number One

You Rock Girlfriend!!!!

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You Rock Girlfriend!!!!

You Rock Girlfriend!!!!
I think I covered them all for you, they all represent YOU!!!!!




01 May 2009


Hi Everyone! Wow, April has just flown bye...haven't blogged for about 2 weeks, it has just been crazy around here lately, birthdays and my brother-in-law's mom died, so was watching my niece and nephew (they are 16 and 14 yrs old) but they are in those teen years, so they did not want them alone, so that is what I have been doing these last couple of weeks...

I did however, get to do another block from Bunny Hill's Rabbits Love Chocolates...the picture isn't that good, but you get the idea, my mini ironing board the block is laying on has seen better days, and I haven't appliqued it down yet, but thought you might like to see...once the pieces are all appliqued you will be able to see better, but it is a bunny pulling a cart full of eggs and another bunny. I just love these blocks, they are so cute!! Hopefully I will get them all done,

On another note, Hubby turned 53 on April 28th, here is a pic of hubby and kids and me...we went to the Cheesecake Factory (one of my many fav spot), oh I have to show you hubby's piece of cheesecake, they even decorated it...this will have you drooling...it had peanut butter, chocolate/cookie dough cheesecake...oh it was g o o d!!!!RollRoll

I have really gotten into this camera way toooooo much, my kids think I am crazy!

Well, I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and hope we all have BEAUTIFUL Weather!!!

OH, ALMOST FORGOT, GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!!! THEY ARE IN ROUND 2 OF PLAYOFFS, YEAH!!!! (this picture was taken at their last game in Chicago, I look a little dazed...?!?!?!?)


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