27 November 2009


Well, Thanksgiving was a Hugh Success!!! It was quiet, just the 5 of us and Mike's girlfriend, Angie, so really 6, but all the food turned out good and the smell of turkey roasting filled the house. Mike is feeling better, still has the Shingles but they are starting to scab and the pain is manageable (he is a trooper), so all went well... missed my sisters and their families and my Mom, but it can't plan sickness, so was very thankful that I had my little family together!!

I love Thanksgiving, it really makes me stop and think what I am most thankful for. Life can be so busy, but sometimes you need to stop and count the blessings in your life. For me, I am so thankful for God. He has blessed me with 3 beautiful children and a great hubby. I am even thankful for the "bumps" in the road, so to speak, as they make me realize what is important in life. Family and Health! Those are two big ones that I cherish. If you have both of those you have it all in my book.

Here are a couple more pictures of my kids...and I promised I would NOT put this picture of my gang at the breakfast table, but....I can resist!!! And here are the delicious cookies oldest made in the morning - really, really good Pumpkin and Molasses Sugar Cookies, Oh they were good!!

Oh and I caught Dave at Breakfast checking out the Blackhawk Calendar (they play today - Fri), so
had to add that one. And what would be my blog without a couple of pictures of Cooper, this one he is playing with youngest and he thought he could hide under the table but I got one of him chewing his bone and well, the last one is him looking at me, like "oh no she is at it Again!"

I hope everyone in Blogland had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and Thank you to all of you who read my Blog!

Many Hugs Always,


Nap Turkey